Arts: The Vatican Museum

As art appreciation is an effective way to inspire and widen your mindset, one of the best art collections in the world can be found at thte Vatican Musuem in…

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EdTech: Transforming Education

Just like FinTech startups are disrupting the world of finance, businesses that are innovating in the EdTech space aim to shake up the traditional model of learning and knowledge delivery…

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Fêtes de Genève

The charming lakeside city of Geneva, Switzerland comes to life each summer with various festivities and events, including this major festival which typically happens each year around this period (mid-August)…

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Book: The Stress Code
the stress code 1

Book: The Stress Code

In this insightful and science-backed book, health and performance consultant Richard Sutton gives us a deep-dive into the mechanics of stress -- like how it works, how we can manage…

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Bulletproof Coffee benefits
Bulletproof Coffee Butter Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee benefits

Popularized back in 2014 by famous biohacker Dave Asprey, this special coffee mix became a global phenomenon hailed by people who wish to boost their mential performance and get rid…

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Meet the person behind FELS!
IMG 0731 Copy

Meet the person behind FELS!

We hope you've been enjoying all the success lifestyle content we've been sharing lately, perhaps finding it beneficial to your quest to fulfill your ambitions and yet quirky enough to…

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The Scoop on FinTech
fintech and big data

The Scoop on FinTech

The rising wave of startups in the financial technology domain (known as FinTech for short) are among the fastest-growing sectors in modern business. FinTech startups are disrupting and revolutionizing various…

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